Gasparo da Salò in Brescia Copy

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Preis: 23000 €
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The instrument is a beautiful German copy of a 16th century Italian Gasparo da Salò model, build in the early years of the 20th century.
It is in its best possible shape and never had any major surgery. It has a very warm but at the same time open sound which easily fills a big concert hall and served me as a professional chamber music and soloists instrument in the past years. I can provide professional recordings to illustrate that.
To adjust the cello to the players individual demands, it was upgraded with a new bridge, sound post, as well as a C-peg key-peg in 2019 at a renowned luthier in Berlin.
To verify similarity to the original Gasparo da Salò Model from the 16th century I can put you in touch with the owner of that particular instrument. The cello doesn't come with a certificate but with the original receipt of its most recent sale, as well as additional documents on request.

Contact me in German or English at +4917684540806.